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Since its formation in 2014, the band Conscious Culture with its three front singers Sista Kira, Malijah & Nadia Eva has been oriented towards the golden era of Jamaican and English reggae of the 70s.

The band skilfully combine soothing Roots Reggae with modern elements of other genres such as Dub, Dancehall and Modern Roots. The multicultural Cologne 8-piece collective has Ecuadorian, Cypriot, Congolese and German roots, which partly explains why their positive vibrations have such an international appeal. Live, Conscious Culture are a force of nature. 

The three individual and unique voices of the vocalists merge into one entity created by diverse lead and backing vocals.

The vibrant fundament surrounding the vocalists is embodied by musicians who have over the years developed their own dynamic and distinct sound composed of drums, bass, 2 keyboards and guitar. 

Conscious Culture’s live program consists of their own tunes and is complemented by cover versions of classics. The band has already performed in various clubs and festivals nationwide.

Their debut album ‘Thursdays’, which was released on the 18th of August 2018, delivers an honest and authentic live sound. The content of the songs varies, some of them bearing a strong socio-political and spiritual message and it is inspired by everyday life and challenges the singers are confronted with. Features by artists Mtapa from Kenya and Denham Smith from Jamaica add a refreshing twist and beautifully round up the album.

Conscious Culture stands for positivity, cultural diversity and have crafted their very own sound.

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